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Tell me about a time you had unmanageable workload

By Victor Paquet (Mergersight Operations) and Carlo Lepoardi & Tommaso Arona (Boston University partners)



Given the long hours and seemingly endless workload in investment banking, a recruiter will want to ensure that you have good time management skills. The recruiter here is looking for you to give examples of you managing your time within an organization. Ultimately, what choices did you make, and how did you communicate them to your team effectively.

Things to consider during your answer: the type of assignment —> give context, what are the trade-offs in your decision, what did you prioritize, if you seek for help, who/when/why/how are you reaching out for help, and how you will make up for it. Throughout your answer, ensure to convey that the decisions you are taking are in the best interest of the group.

Additionally, be humble in acknowledging that the workload and responsibility in investment banking is not comparable to your school work, this shows the recruiter that you are aware of what you are applying for.


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