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All publications from The MergerSight Group (M&A Reports, Trend Reports & M&A Timeline) may contain forward-looking statements such as, but not limited to, projections of financial developments, market activity or future performance of products and solutions containing risks and uncertainties. Opinions, estimates, and projections constitute the current judgment of the authors as of the date of these reports. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The MergerSight Group or affiliated educational institutions and are subject to change without notice.


Though the information herein is believed to be reliable and has been obtained from public sources believed to be reliable, The MergerSight Group makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness.


These forward-looking statements are subject to change based on known or unknown risks and various other factors that could cause actual results or performance to differ materially from the statements made herein.

The MergerSight Group is not acting as a financial adviser, consultant or fiduciary with respect to any information provided in the materials presented on this website. The MergerSight Group is not acting as your impartial adviser and does not express any opinion or recommendation whatsoever as to any strategies, products or any other information presented in the materials. 


Information contained herein is being provided solely on the basis that the recipient will make an independent assessment of the merits or flaws of a trend or/and transaction analysed, and it does not constitute a recommendation of, or express an opinion on, any product or service or any trading strategy.


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