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Jia Jian Gan

London School of Economics (LSE)

Vice President

JJ (Jia-Jian) is the Vice-President of the MergerSight Group. Born and raised in Singapore, he ventured to the London School of Economics (LSE) for his undergraduate studies in Economics after serving as a lieutenant in the Singaporean Army. A private equity internship back in Singapore ignited JJ's passion for Investment Banking, driving his ambition to collaborate directly with firms, enhancing their inherent value rather than extracting maximum value from firms for external LPs.

Outside of his work commitments, JJ values deep conversations with friends but when alone, often enjoys delving into the realm of investment theses. He particularly enjoys considering assets that offer promising value, especially those influenced by unexpected adverse events. Beyond the confines of finance, JJ intrinsically enjoys helping the community; he founded a non-profit in Singapore focused on tutoring underprivileged children. Whether the topic is finance, philanthropy, or philosophy, JJ is always up for an insightful chat. If you share similar interests or wish to discuss further, don't hesitate to drop him a message on LinkedIn.

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