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Our Work

We are constantly working to grow our product offerings and provide value to our members and readers. We strive to embrace the structure of a large Investment Bank with mentorship and training while maintaining all of the attributes of a small startup with a high degree of upward mobility and opportunities for all members to come to us with ideas and start their own projects within MergerSight. 

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MergerSight provides the highest quality coverage of M&A with concise reports informing students and professionals alike on the important facts and implications of the world's most interesting and important corporate transactions


M&A Weekly

Our team of experienced analysts provide comprehensive analysis of the top 5 M&A news stories every Monday morning. Check out our latest edition of M&A Weekly on LinkedIn and Instagram

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M&A Technicals

Learn all the jargon and answers to the most common interview questions you need specially curated for you by our Analysts every week


Weekly Newsletter

Look no further than our Exclusive Weekly Newsletter to get top quality coverage on the latest developments in dealmaking direct to your inbox every Monday morning

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We invite leaders in finance from diverse backgrounds to speak with our members and provide invaluable first-hand insight you will receive no place else


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Our History

December 2017

MergerSight formed by Marcus Falck, Gustaf Baavhammar and Lukas Bruell

June 2018

MergerSight expands in Europe, creating branches at the University of Warwick, London School of Economics and Bocconi University

January 2020

MergerSight expands in Asia, creating branches at the University of Queensland, HKUST and NYU Shanghai

May 2023

MergerSight collaborates with SEO London on Commercial Awareness series

January 2018

First M&A Report Published on AT&T’s proposed $108.7bn merger with Time Warner

January 2019

MergerSight expands in the US, forming at team at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

November 2022

M&A Weekly, M&A Technicals and Weekly Newsletter introduced, providing weekly coverage of the top M&A news, business buzzwords and technicals preparation

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