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Hillenbrand to sell Cimcool business to Dubois Chemicals for $224M

Hillenbrand to sell Cimcool Business, which produces high-quality metalworking fluids, synthetic, semi-synthetic and water-based lubricants to DuBois Chemicals, Inc for $224M.

"We are excited that our customers will have access to a new set of solutions, applications experts, and technical service resources to support and add value to their businesses. We believe that this acquisition will allow us to increase our presence among significant customers and important segments. The expanded product portfolio of the combined organization will also allow us to meet our customers' evolving needs in new applications areas.”
Jeff Welsh, President and CEO of DuBois

Through this acquisition, DuBois expands its broad range of specialty chemical products and related equipment portfolio to keep up with its over 15,000 customers' evolving specialty needs.


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