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Tell me about yourself - Walk me through your resume

By Victor Paquet (Mergersight Operations) and Carlo Leopardi & Tommaso Arona (Boston University partners)



Related experiences

First of all, you need some experience in your CV relating to Investment Banking. Whether it is a simple position in a society or a full previous internship, you must leverage that experience and curate it towards your interest for Investment Banking and how you ended up applying for a job or internship in this industry today. For instance, maybe your position as an executive at your university’s finance society left you eager to know more about the intriguing synergies of an M&A deal and your following experience in an M&A case competition convinced you to pursue a career in Investment Banking. The bottom line is: your resume is a road that needs to follow a straight line with Investment Banking as the final stop in your current personal journey.

Be concise

Secondly, you have to be concise, straight to the point and more specific in your answer. Even though this question is arguably the most important one alongside the infamous “why this firm”, you should answer it within a minute, maximum two. You will have the chance to master excel shortcuts in the future, for now master shortcuts when narrating your story.


  • Begin your answer with a quick sentence on your current studies, where you come from and where you grew up.

  • Outline the event or personal experience that sparked your interest in Investment Banking.

  • Then outline the experiences that confirmed your interest and enhanced your skills relevant to the job (attention to detail, leadership, efficiency under pressure, great analytical skills…).

  • Finally, why are you here ; why this firm (be specific, don’t hesitate to mention a deal the firm advised on if you have time) ; what are you future plans.


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