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Markus Walter

Esade Business School


Markus Walter is The MergerSight Group's Partner at ESADE Business School. He is responsible for the recruitment of analysts for the ESADE team and for oversight of M&A reports. Markus is currently in his 4th year at ESADE studying Business administration. He also serves as a board advisor for the university's finance society, of which he was previously one of the 3 board members.

In terms of experience, Markus has a diverse background interning at Moonfare (German start-up democratizing access to Private Equity), HSBC (Working on a consulting project with Paragon One), Bloomberg, and Amazon. At this point in time, Markus is working at ValueTrust in Munich as a Valuation and Corporate Finance intern. In January, he will will be attending USC Marshall for his exchange semester.

Markus started as a regular analyst at The MergerSight group and quickly progressed to becoming the partner for his university, leading his own team of analysts.

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